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The Musical

"13 Heads of Hair" screenwriter, Tony Adelman, decided to turn his film into a musical. Adelman has written the book, music & lyrics. The musical has had a couple of table readings as part of its development process.

13 Heads of Hair table read cast

Pictured above is the cast of a table reading at Madilyn Clark Studios, including Maura Soden, Paty Lombard (who originated the role of Chicklet in the film), Olivia Johnson, author and composer Tony Adelman, T'Lane Balue, Michael Kennen Miller as Addison, Kristofer McNeeley, and Jamie Tourigny.

In A Nutshell - "13 Heads of Hair" - Addison and his lover Peter haven’t been getting along. This story peeks backstage at the world of beauty in a West Hollywood Salon as Addison faces a day filled with impossible clients: 13 Heads of Hair. When his perpetually late assistant finally shows up, she inadvertently reveals that his relationship may be farther gone than he thought. But the outrageous customers keep coming, leaving him no opportunity to take care of his personal dilemma. That is, until Blake steps out of Addison’s fantasy and into his life.

Song Demos

"13 Heads of Hair" - This song opens the musical as our hero, Addison, arrives at the salon and gets his list of clients from Chicklet, the sassy receptionist.

"Gonna Be All Right" - This song takes place when Portia, hours away from a network TV callback, discovers a distracted Addison has left chemicals on her hair for too long and it has turned green. Addison hears from his assistant, Glodene, receptionist, Chicklet and his client, Suzanna, as a hair emergency breaks out in the salon.